Pole Restoration / Palliative Repair

Logsys Power Services gives you comprehensive options for restoring and reinforcing poles of all types. These restoration options are designed as cost-saving, asset-preserving alternatives to pole change outs.

Logsys Power Services saw the need to introduce a non-intrusive wood pole reinforcing system in 2013. Research all over the world led to Osmose Utilities Service, Inc. in the United States of America. After long negotiations with Osmose Utilities Services, the licence to make use of their patents and trademarks and sell their products in Australia and New Zealand was awarded to Logsys Power Services. The system was thoroughly tested in Perth and it conforms to AS/NZS 7000.

Osmose Truss Systems

Once a pole’s strength is reduced below code requirements due to decay or damage, the pole is considered a “reject” and must be restored or replaced.

In the United States, the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) or California’s General Order 95 (GO95) establishes minimum criteria that allows for some strength loss in wood poles before a pole must be restored or replaced.  Utilities generally follow those minimum criteria by restoring or replacing a pole that is evaluated to have less than 67% of its original bending strength.

As a world leader in wood pole inspection and restoration, Osmose and Logsys Power Services’ engineers and technicians are experts at evaluating a pole’s remaining strength and suitability for restoration.  This includes using preservatives to control decay and protect the remaining serviceable wood to ensure the longevity of the newly-restored pole and the overall integrity of your plant.

Osmose pole restoration systems provide reliable, long-term solutions for extending service life. Osmose restoration systems:

  • Restore poles to code-mandated strength
  • Add decades of service life
  • Saves you money – pole restoration is often less than 20% of the cost of replacement
  • Improve structural resiliency of the grid
  • Help you avoid the hassle of replacement, which includes change-outs, transfers, double wood, and service interruptions

Installation Method

Reinforcing Products

The Osmose method of pole reinforcing employs banding (strapping) as the method of fastening steel reinforcement to timber utility poles. The Osmose system specifically refers to these reinforcement profiles as “trusses” to clearly distinguish from other reinforcement methods. The method of fastening in no way compromises the existing structure’s integrity as is the situation with bolting. The system is safe, efficient, reliable, cost effective, sustainable and most importantly durable.

How Trusses Work

Utility poles will experience their most significant bending moments at groundline . In this regard the most critical stress contribution comes from bending as a result of the lateral (wind) loading on the pole assembly and conductors.

When bending loads are applied to a reinforced pole, they are transferred to the truss. The truss allows the bending loads to effectively bypass the decayed or damaged groundline area of the pole, transferring the loads to sound wood foundation below ground.

Trussing Options

The patented C2-Truss™ systems restore common distribution size poles with an optimized design that provides a more efficient, lighter weight, lower cost truss. The Osmo-C-Truss® systems typically restore transmission and larger distribution-size poles.

Truss solutions can be adapted based on pole conditions. For more advanced decay (thinner shell applications), double trusses can be utilized. For decay that has progressed beyond standard installation heights, a taller truss is the best solution.

Logsys iNjectapole

Similar to timber utility poles, planted streetlight poles will suffer groundline strength loss as a result of corrosion caused at the contact with soils, moisture and oxygen or mechanical damage caused by mowers etc. We commonly find that poles corrode rapidly around the groundline area and as a result lose structural capacity at the critical zone of the highest bending moment.

iNjectaPole® is a structurally certified and patented pole repair system/technique. It guarantees life extension to the pole for as long as the pole remains durable above the repair level (ie. 200mm above groundline). iNjectaPole is managed by the Logsys iNformation Management System (LiMS) and backed by the Logsys iHub, which provides live and updated access to the pole asset register and real time professional engineering backup to field crews

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